What We Do


The Society makes grants of books as follows

We give books at no charge whatever, we even pay shipping and handling

We give books to worshipping communities –

    • New starts or parishes needing to replace worn-out books

    • Financially struggling or expanding parishes

    • Parishes which have suffered from natural disasters such as flood, fire or earthquake

  • We define “worshipping communities” as –

    • Local congregations

    • Congregations in the Armed Forces served by Episcopal Chaplains

    • Congregations served by Chaplains who are priests or deacons of the Episcopal Church and ministering in:

      • Prisons

      • Nursing homes and other health-related facilities

      • Educational institutions, such as colleges and universities

      • Other worshiping communities on a case-by-case basis

Dear Rev. Dr. Henritzy:

I want to inform you that we have received the books you sent us. We want to thank you for the donation of 60 common prayer books that you sent us. It is a blessing to be able to count on them and put them at the service of the people of God.

- The Rev Canon Roberto Martinez